Festival of the lights in OSAKA

Illuminated symbolic street gently embracing our visitors in light

Illuminations in colors that match the 8 areas!

Mido-suji Illumination achieved a world record in 2014 as "the street with most light decorations on street trees." This year, breathtaking light will adorn the entire 4km stretch from Umeda to Namba under the design concept of an "illuminated symbolic street gently embracing our visitors in light."

Location: Mido-suji Ave.(Hanshin-mae intersection - Namba-Nishiguchi intersection) Festival Period: November 20, 2016 (Sun.) to January 9, 2017 (Mon., holiday), 51 days Event Hours: Around 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Mido-suji Illumination 2016

Design Concept

Illuminated symbolic street gently embracing our visitors in light


No where else in the world can you see such lights
Premium illuminations that can only be accomplished by, and are distinctive to, Mido-suji.
The roughly 4 km stretch of Mido-suji Ave is divided into eight areas. Colored illuminations fitting the image of each area will greet you. On the traffic side, gingko tree trunks soaring skywards are embellished with illuminations, creating a "colonnade of lights." Gingko trees on the pedestrian side are adorned with "stardust" illuminations.

Opening Ceremony for the Festival of the Lights in OSAKA 2016

1-day only!  The view from the driving lanes is exceptional!

On this special day, a strip of Mido-suji Ave. is open exclusively for pedestrian use for the opening ceremony of the Festival of the lights in OSAKA 2016!

Location: Kyutaromachi 3 intersection to Shimbashi intersection
Event Hours: Sun., Nov. 20, 2016
5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Also on this day

Mido-suji Autumn Party 2016

The "Mido-suji Autumn Party" will also be held in the afternoon hours of Sun., Nov. 20. An extraordinary day of day-to-night fun at Mido-suji!

The 8 area colors of Mido-suji

  • Aqua Metropolis Blue①

    Hanshin-mae intersection -Umeda-shinmichi intersectionThe gateway to the Aqua Metropolis of Osaka.

    With Osaka Station at its center, this lively business district is packed with commercial facilities, hotels and office buildings. This area is also known as the northern gateway to Osaka. Here you will be welcomed with a bi-color mix of beautiful vivid Aqua Metropolis blue.

  • Mido-suji Yellow Mix②

    Umeda-shinmichi intersection to Oebashi Kitazume intersectionGlamour of Kitashinchi

    Japanese style restaurants and bars line the streets of the fabulous Kitashinchi area. Four shades of yellow, including the original Mido-suji yellow and maple-gold; stage a glamourous ambience.

  • Aqua Metropolis Blue③

    Yodoyabashi intersection to Kawaramachi 3-chome intersectionMerchant town fostered by water

    Yodoyabashi is a bridge connecting to "Nakanoshima," an area synonymous with the Aqua Metropolis Osaka. The development of this area relied on water transportation, thus it is adorned in subtle shades of Aqua Metropolis blue, that represent the shimmering surface of water. The composition of the hued lights are one of its features.

  • Champagne Gold Mix④

    Kawaramachi 3-chome intersection to Senbachuo 3-chome intersectionHigh quality Dai-Osaka / Semba

    Semba was the center of Osaka in its prime. Even today, office buildings lining the streets comprise the center of business in Osaka. This area is decorated in four refined shades of yellow, including champagne gold; an array becoming of the area.

  • White⑤

    Kyutaromachi 3-chome intersection to Bakuromachi 3-chome intersectionSnowy Mido-suji

    In this beautifully illuminated area in Minami Semba you will find the Minami Mido, the Namba Shrine, showrooms and office buildings. The white glittery lights upon the winter cityscape of this area create a surreal ambience.

  • Mido-suji Coral⑥

    Bakuromachi 3-chome intersection to Mido-suji ShimizumachiEdo style / Hannari (graceful) color

    In the Edo period, drapers lined the streets of this area. To this day, brand shops and department stores continue the legacy of Shinsaibashi's stylish reputation. The subtle elegant hue of "Mido-suji coral" adorns this area.

  • Shiny Pink⑦

    Mido-suji Shimizumachi to Namba intersectionLively Minami

    This downtown area, with landmarks such as Dotonbori, is the epitome of Osaka. Shiny pink lights symbolize "Flashy yet stylish panache" of lively Osaka. The concept of these lights are the vibrant swagger of the people of Osaka.

  • Mido-suji Purple⑧

    Namba intersection to Namba-Nishiguchi intersectionNaniwan Festival

    This area, also described as the gateway to Minami is adorned with a new hue, Mido-suji purple! Osaka is known for its many historical festivals and holy rituals. Purple is the traditional color of nobility in Japan, an therefore is a befitting representation of Osaka's colorful festivities. Mido-suji purple is a hue original to the Mido-suji Illumination.


Illumination of roadside buildings

The buildings along Mido-suji are alight! Enjoy these lights together with the Mido-suji illuminations.

<Illuminated Building List>
Illumination of roadside buildings, From Umeda to Semba, Umeda Intake Towers, Hanshin Department Storefront, Ishikara Bldg., Osaka Gas Building, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Osaka Building, Kitamido (Tsumura Branch Temple), Mido Bldg., Namba-Jinja Shrine, Hotel Nikko Osaka, Mittera Temple, Nankai Bld.

Umeda Intake Towers

Monument of Light

Great commemorative photo spots!

Monuments created in the image of the famous spots in Osaka and Aqua Metropolis Osaka. Walking along Mido-suji and finding these five monuments is also part of the fun of the illuminations. Take a photo to remember the Mido-suji Illumination.

Location: Seiwa Umeda Building, Yodoyabashi odona, Keihanshin Midosuji building, Honmachi Garden City, Midosuji Grand Tower
  • Rose


    A monument created as a homage to the urban green oasis of Nakanoshima park. The motif of this monument is the park's beautiful rose garden.

  • Gingko


    The Gingko trees lining the street are the symbol of Mido-suji. This monument created in the likeness of the golden foliage in autumn is a perfect spot for memorable photo taking.

  • Rings to the Future

    Rings to the Future

    This monument gets its inspiration from the eye-catching circular sky garden observation deck of the "Umeda Sky Building," a landmark of Osaka. It represents the hopes that the appeal of Osaka may lead us towards a bright shiny future.

  • Water Tree

    Water Tree

    The central area of Osaka is surrounding by waterways. Hence, its nickname "Aqua Metropolis Osaka." This monument presents the water of Aqua Metropolis Osaka in the form of a tree. Enjoy the beautiful glimmer of its splashes.

  • Sound of Water

    Sound of Water

    The sound of water flowing through the rivers often goes unnoticed. This monument sheds light on and gives shape to this sound. When enjoying the shimmer of this monument, it is as if you can hear the gentle, graceful sounds of Aqua Metropolis Osaka's river flow.

My Message Tree

  • My Message Tree

    The gingko trees along the sidewalk of Mido-suji are adorned with plates containing messages submitted by participants. Various heartfelt messages shine brightly among the lights of the Mido-suji illuminations.

Mido-suji Illumination 2016 Monument of Light MAP

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